Exercise and Depression

Exercise and Depression

Did you know that many studies suggest that around 40% of the risk associated with developing depressing is genetic? The condition is commonly passed down in families, however, an interesting new study from Harvard University suggests that "genes may not be your destiny."

The study, which involved almost 8,000 people, is the very first to show that daily exercise may have a direct influence on depression - despite genetic risk or predispositions!

Researchers now believe that about 30 minutes of daily exercise can help "neutralise" the risk of developing depression, even in those with a family history of the condition. Any form of physical activity - whether it's yoga, dance classes, stretching, or running - is not just beneficial for our physical health, but it's actually a great way for us to improve our overall wellbeing... and that include arguably the most important component: mental health.

Intersted to read more? Check out the full article here.

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