Induction for Anytime Multigym - Ashton

Induction for Anytime Multigym - Ashton

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Any member under the age of 18 must watch the online induction videos that we have provided and then confirm that you have done so by clicking the button at the bottom of the screen.
By clicking the button you are confirming that you have watched the induction videos and that you fully understand how to safely and correctly use all of the exercise equipment at Workout Ashton.
Furthemore, you accept full liability for any injuries that may be caused as a result of using any of the gym equipment at Workout Ashton in an unsafe or irresponsible manner, and you further agree to indemnify The Workout Bristol Ltd from any insurance claims that may arise as a result of such injuries.

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Workout Ashton Car park - 18:50

Blitz Step

Workout Ashton Car park - 19:30

Kettlebell X

Under Marquee - 06:30

Spin Workout

Workout Ashton Car park - 09:30

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