Xabier Marshall Baquedano

Xabier Marshall Baquedano

Xabier Baquedano

Personal Trainer
2:1 BSc Sports and Exercise Sciences
Level 6 Certificates: Sports Nutrition Advisor, Clinical Weight Loss Consultant
Level 3 Diploma: Personal Training
Including - Level 3 Certificates: Sports Conditioning, Nutrition and Exercise Referral
Level 2 Certificate: Life Coaching


Hi, I'm Xabi, recovering athlete turned fitness guru and head coach at multiply performance. I have over 15 years of experience in the fitness industry, working with international level athletes across a number of sports including basketball, squash and kickboxing. I take a performance-first philosophy when it comes to training, focusing on improving markers of fitness as a way of achieving other goals that surround the industry. Fitness is one of the few domains where you control all the variables, so your effort and commitment define your outcome. I don't care if you've been told it is unrealistic, I want to know what it is that excites you! What gets you out of bed in the morning! What drives you to push harder than your peers. That is what you are training for! That is what makes it all worthwhile! As a coach, my role is to facilitate you in achieving your ambitions. Together we will analyse your goals, break them down into manageable action steps and build a plan that pushes you through them safely and efficiently.

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HARBOURSIDE (Studio 1) - 12:10


HARBOURSIDE (Spin Studio) - 12:10

Legs, Bums & Tums

ASHTON (Baynton Road) - 12:15


HARBOURSIDE (Studio 1) - 12:45

Spin Workout

ASHTON (Baynton Road) - 12:45

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